Invest in people,
not concrete.

Since 2016, Capital Bay has developed new and groundbreaking products and services. What’s unique about our approach? Our focus is not on profitability but on people. Because for us the most important link in the value chain are the people who use a property. We believe business objectives can only be achieved in line with individual needs and living situations. To ensure a seamless cash flow for you, we use IT-assisted real-time analyses via the revolutionary platform “21st”. This one-of-a-kind transaction software delivers precise yet dynamic evaluations of the entire value creation process – from the identification and enhancement of value to its very realisation.

What we’re built on

Capital Bay takes a revolutionary approach to real estate investment – one that is both holistic and digital. Founded in 2016, we now manage assets worth more than 7,5 billion euros. More than 230 employees work in 13 offices across Germany as well as five offices worldwide. The company’s headquarters is in Berlin. Capital Bay delivers solutions to meet investors’ differing requirements and provides services for both institutional and professional investors. This involves looking after and managing properties of all kinds for their owners.

Capital Bay combines a fully regulated fund business with all real estate services. The exclusive strategic partnership with 360 Operator GmbH, an operator platform with 11 strong operator brands, makes Capital Bay's offering unique in Europe.

Our History

Real estate


In this initial phase, “identifying value", the Transaction, Investment and Capital Management companies at CB establish the status quo of the property and already start analysing potential. How do we develop and enhance the value of a propertyand what kind of revenue are we aiming for with a sale?

For all offers we receive we are able to carry out an IT-assisted real-time comparative analysis using our own system data. This standardised and IT-assisted purchasing process allows us to check roughly a hundred purchase options daily, especially in the residential asset class – and across the whole of Germany in any location that is of interest to us.

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„The Dynamic Method for Real Estate“

George Salden recognised early on that traditional real estate valuation methods are only ever able to deliver a very vague picture of actual future prospects. This is because market dynamics and development cycles of how real estate is used are usually not given adequate consideration. And so emerged the “Dynamic Method for Real Estate” and the software program “21st” (formerly “Hume Valuate”), which is now proving highly successful.