Our wide range of services includes all commercial and technical aspects of property management. Being present everywhere means we are never far from a property’s location and are able to offer our clients customised and knowledgeable support. What’s more, we also use an ISO-certified quality management system (DIN ISO 9001) to render the quality of our services and service processes more apparent and improve them on an ongoing basis. Our clients benefit from an extremely experienced and multidisciplinary property team active across Germany.

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What you can depend on


Make the difference

Why choose Property Management at Capital Bay?

Holistic & client-specific

Our organisational structure offers clients an interdisciplinary collaboration between all service companies and guarantees a holistic approach to client support. Our client-specific and high quality services allow us to implement a support concept that is highly bespoke.

Digital & customised

A trailblazer in the digital transformation of the real estate industry, Capital Bay has set its sights on digitising the entire value chain. The focus of our management services is on lean, digital processes with innovative technology and systems (DR, workflows, archive systems, tablets, tickets, KIWI, Doozer). Client-specific reporting and controlling provide an accurate insight into every property at any given moment.

Personal & local

Strong client focus: high quality and personalised service is at the heart of what Capital Bay does: named points of contact and a local presence. In practice, this means up to 70% contact solution rate and >90% telephone availability within 20 seconds. We are active country-wide with 8 offices across Germany. Our widespread presence and the professionalism of our teams mean we are never far from a property’s location and are able to offer our clients customised and knowledgeable support.


Owner’s perspective, not service mentality: We look after properties holistically and carry out our commercial and technical services to high standards and with great reliability – as though they were our own. In addition to this, we also keep in mind the wishes and requirements of the user in order to maximise and secure cash flow.