We arrange and oversee acquisitions and sales for Capital Bay as well as for external clients using the revolutionary platform ‘21st’ to analyse real estate and potential and for acquisition processes in all asset classes. In addition, we not only ensure that real estate data is reviewed and plausibility checks carried out, we also calculate business plans, run due diligence processes, draw up investment memorandums and negotiate purchasing agreements.

You’ve come to the right place if...

  • you’re looking for a property that has been impeccably evaluated using big data analyses – whether it’s a capital investment, for renting out or living in yourself.
  • you’re selling an existing property and want to expand the circle of potential buyers using first-rate evaluations.
  • you’re looking for the perfect real estate investment strategy, need a business plan or help drafting agreements.
What you can depend on


Make the difference

Why choose Transaction Management at Capital Bay?

Specialised & team-oriented

At Capital Bay Transaction Management, highly specialised teams seek out the perfect property for your cash flow.

Digital & precise

We use the revolutionary digital evaluation tool 21st to enhance the accuracy of our projections during the acquisition process.

Dynamic & successful

To assess value enhancement and development of a property, we use the new dynamic method and follow the eight dynamics for increasing its value.

Holistic & long-term

We approach and manage investments holistically across all lifecycles, not least because our management companies cover the entire value chain.


Our reference products

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This portfolio encompasses 23 residential complexes with 865 units and features efficient use of utility space, an excellent tenant composition and consistent cash flows. Several units have been divided up into apartments and communal areas in line with the Condominium Act (WEG).

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