We sell apartments, houses and portfolios across Germany for our clients. This involves coordinating, supporting and advising them throughout the entire sales process to ensure the best possible sales or acquisition strategy. In addition to this, we also carry out research into current market and sales trends as well as analysing revenue and sales figures for our clients and compiling customised market and growth forecasts.

What you can depend on


Making the difference

Why choose Sales Management at Capital Bay?

Digital & customised

A trailblazer in the digital transformation of the real estate industry, Capital Bay has set its sights on digitising the entire value chain. The focus of our management services is on lean, digital processes with innovative technology and systems (DR, workflows, archive systems, tablets, tickets, KIWI, Doozer). Client-specific reporting and controlling provide an accurate insight into every property at any given moment.

Holistic & qualitative

Our organisational structure offers investors an interdisciplinary collaboration between all service companies and guarantees a holistic approach to client support. Our investor-specific and high quality services allow us to ensure a highly bespoke exit strategy from conception to implementation.

Market knowledge

We have a deep understanding of each macro and micro location as well as the market situation both now and in the future. In this context we analyse the status quo and potential of every property and use this to generate customised exit strategies.