We manage the sale of investment fund products by the CB Group to institutional wholesale investors and coordinate a range of product categories within an internal sales process with the help of the Business Development department. With offices both in Germany and abroad, we provide an extensive global network for institutional investors.

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Why choose Capital Management at Capital Bay?

Local focus & international positioning

Raising capital and investor support are core tasks of Capital Management and serve as the interface to investors. In Germany they are carried out at our offices in Hamburg, Frankfurt and Munich. As part of our business expansion we have opened additional offices in the UK, Benelux, Abu Dhabi and Hong Kong. This gives Capital Management access to an extensive international network for its institutional investors.

Entrepreneurship & experience

Our investment philosophy is defined by entrepreneurial thought and action. Many years’ experience in previous key roles for large real estate asset management companies gives our key managers a keen awareness of the individual needs of institutional investors. Customised solutions are designed and implemented using a company’s specific strategy as their starting point.

Lifecycle concept

Our organisational structure offers investors an interdisciplinary collaboration between all service companies and guarantees a holistic approach to client support. Our investor-specific and high quality services allow us to implement investments that are highly bespoke.

Business Development

Business Development is integrated into Capital Management as an internal innovation driver for the company. With its direct link to sales and investors, Business Development also takes investor interests into account when designing new products. As part of product testing, this area supports institutional investors e.g. in matters of due diligence, and advises on the structuring of clients’ own real estate investments (separate accounts).


Our reference products

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Acquisition of a German benefit fund plus structuring and launch of a special AIF via a service KCG.

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