Capital Bay to act as investment and asset manager for Swiss Prime Anlagestiftung

Capital Bay to act as investment and asset manager for Swiss Prime Anlagestiftung

Berlin, 29. September 2020

▪ New investment group with a focus on European real estate and various housing types 

▪ Investors are Swiss pension funds and pension schemes

▪ Focus on Senior Living

▪ Target volume exceeds one billion euros

▪ Initial public offering begins on 1 October 


International alternative investment manager Capital Bay with headquarters in Berlin has been mandated by the Swiss Prime Anlagestiftung to act as the pan-European placement agent for the newly launched SPA Living+ Europe investment group. The mandate initially covers the markets of Germany, France, the Netherlands, and Belgium and is designed for the long term. SPA Living+ Europe invests in European real estate with various attractive, age-appropriate residential forms and uses, focusing on the senior living sector. To allow for a diversification of the portfolio, types of use also include student housing, serviced flats, and micro living. Capital Bay's mandate also includes the property management. Target yield stands at four to five percent, the target volume is over one billion euros. Investors will be Swiss pension funds and pension schemes. 

The CFO of Capital Bay, Rolf Engel, comments: “Capital Bay acts as a specialist and as a locally based partner for the new investment product in the various European markets. We currently manage more than €6.6 billion of assets under management at 21 locations with over 250 employees worldwide. The sister company 360 Operator with over 11,000 micro residential units and more than 5,000 employees in 6 European countries completes this unique platform. It offers the opportunity to enter into a holistic joint venture covering the entire value chain as well as the entire real estate life cycle in the 360° Living segment. The broad geographical positioning of the investment group and the utilisation mix create clear advantages in diversification. When combined with the planned yield of four to five percent, this makes for an exciting investment product, especially when viewed against the current shortages and investment pressure.” 

In the initial development phase, SPA Living+ Europe’s investment focus will be on the German and French real estate markets. Other European countries may be added during the growth phase with the exception of Switzerland. Investors will be able to separately invest in the SPA Living+ Europe hedged and SPA Living+ Europe unhedged investment groups, or in both investment groups simultaneously. The investment group’s initial public offering is scheduled for the period from 1 October to 22 December 2020. Full details on the offering will be made available on the Swiss Prime Anlagestiftung website from 1 October:

Capital Bay contact: Rolf Engel CFO

Capital Bay GmbH Sachsendamm 4/5 10829 Berlin Germany

Phone: +49 30 120 866 234



About Capital Bay: 

CapitalBAY is a holistic alternative investment manager for real estate. The company offers solutions to meet the various needs of investors and provides services for both institutional and semi-professional investors. CapitalBAY maintains and manages a wide range of properties for their owners. Thanks to the implementation of digital processes and tools, CapitalBAY and its management companies are able to cover the entire spectrum of the real estate value chain. In-house and collaboratively developed transaction software assists the investment manager in their acquisition and valuation processes. What is more, CapitalBAY focuses on the real estate user as they are the key driver of cash flow within the value chain. Founded in 2016, CapitalBAY now manages assets across Germany worth more than €6.6 billion. More than 250 employees work in 21 offices worldwide. The company is headquartered in Berlin. 

About Swiss Prime Anlagestiftung: 

Swiss Prime Anlagestiftung (SPA), Olten, Switzerland is the issuer and manager of the SPA products. Zürcher Kantonalbank functions as the depository bank. The prospectus, articles of association, regulations, and investment guidelines as well as the latest annual report and fact sheets can be obtained from Swiss Prime Anlagestiftung. Admitted as direct investors are tax-exempt pension funds domiciled in Switzerland and legal entities that manage collective investments of tax-exempt pension funds, are supervised by the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority (FINMA) and invest funds exclusively for these funds with the SPA.